About Us

“Yacht Office” Ltd. is a company founded in 2007. Thanks to the long-standing experience of our staff, we strive to professionally satisfy the needs of people who practice marine sports.

The sailing store “Yacht Office” is the right place for you if:

- you have decided to purchase a small racing or cruising sailing boat;

 - you are a professional sailor or simply fancy marine sports;

- you want to prepare your yacht for an upcoming regatta or cruise;

- you are in need of boat repairs, replacements of ropes and equipment and you need qualified assistance or advice for all kinds of sailing vessels;

- you want to be stylish and comfortable, wearing brand clothing and shoes at sea, as well as on the shore;

We offer a wide variety of racing and everyday clothing, shoes, sailing equipment, ropes, paints, safety equipment, specialized tapes and accessories. A delivery within the borders of Bulgaria can be arranged for each individual order.

The company trades with goods of famous and proven brands and is an official distributor of most of them. In our store you can find products of: Marinepool, Harken, LaserPerformance, Winner Optimist, Optiparts/Windesign, JSails, Liros Ropes, Wichard, Herm Sprenger, Viadana, Seajet, PSP Admiral Tapes, GLOMEX, Nuova Rade.

Laser Performance
Herm Sprenger
Winner Optimist
PSP Tapes
DSK Foils