Terms of Product Returns

I. Returning of faulty goods

1. At the moment of delivery The Recipient may open the package and check if its contents correspond to the goods of the order before paying them to the courier. In case the package is in a damaged state or a part of the goods is missing, The Recipient has to turn to the courier who in turn must compose a protocol of a damaged package and/or of missing goods. If the Recipient fails to do so, the shipment is deemed approved and the Client loses the right to claim at a later moment that the package was delivered in a damaged state or that a part of the goods was missing.

 2. In case the Client has ordered and received clothing of inconvenient size and wishes to replace the goods with a different size, they should contact the Supplier by one of the ways stated on https://www.shop.yacht-office.com/index.php?route=information/contact. The terms of Section II - Returning of purchased goods are valid in this case.

II. Returning of purchased goods (cancellation of a contract of purchase)

1. Yacht Office (The Supplier) offers to the Client the possibility to return purchased goods. If the Client has changed their decision, they can take advantage of this option by any reason without owing any compensation or penalty fees. The transport cost for returning the package is at the expense of the Client.

2. The Client can cancel his contract of purchase within 14 calendar days since the date of receiving the package.

In order to meet this deadline, the Client has to send a message (explained in article 3 of this Section II) about their decision in due time. 

3. To exercise their right to return goods, the Client must send a message to the Supplier:

3.1 by mail or e-mail, which are stated at https://www.shop.yacht-office.com/index.php?route=information/contact. With this message, the Client must expressly inform the Supplier of their decision to cancel the contract of purchase. It must contain the contacts of the Client (name, address, telephone number and e-mail). Yacht Office commits to inform the Client on the contacts provided, that the package is received back and whether its return will be approved or not.

The Standard Form for returning goods is available in Application №1 in the Returning of purchased goods section.          

3.2  by using the embedded module for returning purchased goods. To do so, the User has to be logged in their profile on the platform onlinestore.yacht-office.com. At https://www.shop.yacht-office.com/index.php?route=account/order select the “View” button for the appropriate order then select the “Return” button for the respective product. The system inserts the details of every product and if the User wishes they can enter different contact details, as well as notes or remarks in the “Details” field.

4. When the User has decided to exercise their right to cancel a contract of purchase, they must send or deliver the goods back to the Supplier no later than 14 days since the date of the Client informing the Supplier of the decision.

4.1 When sending the package back, the Client must include:

a) the whole received set of the goods – the products, their accompanying accessories, labels and the intact packing; as well as:

b) the accompanying documents – receipt, invoice, transceiver protocol and warranty card (if issued).

4.2 The Client has to return the goods in a commercial status which allows their later sale, namely – the whole kit with no defects, stains, damage, traces of use or any faults.

4.3 In case the commercial status is impaired, the Supplier has the right by his sole discretion to refuse or accept the cancellation of the contract of purchase or charge a fee from the Client to restore the product in its initial state.

4.4 Until the delivery of the goods to Yacht Office the Client is liable for any accidental damage or loss to the products.

5. In case that the cancellation is approved, the Supplier commits to refund the received payment within 14 days in a way chosen by the Client.




Application № 1 – Standard Form for cancelling a contract of purchase


Standard Form for cancelling a contract of purchase

 (fill and send the form only if you wish to cancel the contract of purchase)


To „Yacht OfficeLtd., UIC 148081550, tel./fax: 052/691110, on address: Bulgaria, Varna, 53 “Primorski” blvd. :

With the following I inform that I withdraw from the signed contract of purchase of the following goods (specify name and quantity for each product):


– Received on:

– Name of the user:

– Address of the user:

– Telephone of the user:

– E-mail of the user:

Signature of the user (only in case the form is printed or written on paper) 

– Date: