Rings and Buckles

Rings and Buckles
Rings and buckles made of stainless steel or brass.

Belt Buckle 25mm
Trapeze Ring with Block Viadana
Triangle with cross-bar A4 5mm
D-Ring (Belt Buckle) 4x25mm A2
D-Ring (Belt Buckle) 4x40mm AISI316
D-Ring (Belt Buckle) 4х20х17mm
D-Ring (Belt Buckle) 5х50х47mm
D-Ring (Belt Buckle) 6x40mm
D-Ring (Belt Buckle) 6х50х47mm
KITE Eyelet, stainless steel
Polished Brass Ring 4x16x24 mm
Polished Ring "Seasure" 5x25 mm
Polished Ring 3x30mm
Polished Ring 4x30mm
Polished Ring 5x25 mm
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