Delivery of Goods

I. Shipping Terms

1. Yacht Office (The Supplier) delivers its goods in Bulgaria mainly using the services of “Econt Express” and “Speedy”. If the Client wishes it is possible to use another courier’s services.

2. When an order is being made, the Client must indicate expressly an address for delivery or an office of a chosen courier in the “Address” field.

II. Cost of the Shipping

1. The standard shipping fee is 6.50 BGN (лв).

2. The shipping is free for orders above 120 BGN. The shipping fee is not accumulated to the sum needed to reach the given minimum of 120 BGN.

3. For goods of high weight and/or unusual dimensions it is possible that the shipping will be at the expenses of the Client according to the tariff of the respective courier.

4. The cost of the received goods is paid by the means of Cash on Delivery or Postal Money Order.

5. When the data for a shipment address provided by the User is wrong or incorrect as a result of which the shipment is sent to the wrong address, a courier’s service of redirecting the package is at the expenses of the Client.

III. Fulfillment of the Order

1. The shipment is received within 1 to 3 work days from the time of the order’s making (this depends on the availability of the goods in store) except the orders made on Friday after 4 PM, Saturday, Sunday, off days and holidays, in which case the time may be longer. Some cities or villages may be serviced by the Courier only on a designated schedule. There are possible exceptions on special orders, in which case the delivery time may be longer than 3 work days.

2. After the Supplier sends the shipment, the Client will receive an e-mail which informs them of the expected day of delivery. A contradiction between the expected and actual day of delivery cannot stand as a grounds for compensation for the Client. 

We strive to maintain the online availability of the goods we offer. Despite this, it is possible that some discrepancies may occur between the online and the physical stock availabilities, which could lead to the the Supplier's inability to fulfill the placed order. In this case, the Client will be informed in a timely manner via the phone number or e-mail which he provided with his order.

3. If the Client wishes to order by catalog (an order of goods that are not usually kept in stock or are not currently in) they should contact the Supplier using the “Contact Us” page available at In case the communication fails or is difficult, the Client may seek the Supplier by phone: +35952691110, or by e-mail:

In case the Client decides to order by catalog, the rules of paragraph 1 of the Fulfillment of the Order section are not applied due to the strictly specific conditions of ordering directly from the Manufacturer.

Manufacturer Catalogs, by which the Client may make an order by catalog, are available at

4. The Client is liable to ensure access and a person who will receive and pay the ordered goods. If the Client (or an authorized by them person) is not found in the agreed delivery time and contact with them cannot be established by telephone in the moment of delivery, the package is returned to a Courier’s office until a request from the Client. The Supplier or a representative of the courier company commit to notifying the Client by phone or by e-mail if sudden conditions that obstruct the timely delivery of the shipment arise.

5. The Supplier has to appropriately package the ordered goods along with their accompanying documents. The Recipient may open the package and check if the contents of the package correspond to the goods of the order before paying them to the courier. In case the package is in a damaged state or a part of the goods is missing, The Recipient has to turn to the courier who in turn must compose a protocol of a damaged package and/or of missing goods. If the Recipient fails to do so, the shipment is deemed approved and the Client loses the right to claim at a later moment that the package was delivered in a damaged state or that a part of the goods was missing.