• Dyneema Rope "Slide Protect" Ø 8mm

Dyneema Rope "Slide Protect" Ø 8mm

  • Brand: Liros
  • Product Code: 10148-0810-674
  • Availability: Pre-Order Only
  • Categories: Special;
  • 4.30 лв.

Purpose - LIROS Slide Protect-XTR provides a supplemental cover and protects against abrasion in turning blocks and fairleads. Slide Protect-XTR is not suited for protection in stoppers or on winches, the low cover Grip Factor delivers lowest friction. Grip Factor - 3

The listed price is per meter!
Material Dyneema®
Construction 48-plaited hollow braid
Diameter (mm) 8 (5 to 10)
Breaking load (daN) 1600

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